Gone are the days of real estate agents doing all of the legwork with the buying and selling of real estate. Now the Internet is king, and real estate agents are playing a secondary role.
The real estate drone wars are on. When it comes to marketing a listing, agents are forever looking for any competitive edge. Their latest weapon?
According to the Google/NAR study, “The Digital House Hunt,” 92 percent of home buyers use the Internet to aid in the home buying process. In fact, the average home buyer spends three weeks researching real estate online before even enlisting professional help from an agent.
Drone videos are a relatively new but powerful marketing tool that can help you sell the right luxury home.

Main reasons to use a drone video to assist sell your home:

1. Pictures cannot capture the amazing, majestic view as like a Videos.
2. Drone Video covers your acres of land and a lot of the value is in the property itself, pictures cannot convey the greatness of what you’re selling,
Many third-party real estate websites do not allow you to post videos. Professional pictures are more important in selling any home than drone videos. However, in a few rare cases (lots of land, or an amazing view) pictures can’t quite capture the majesty of what you’re selling.

How do drones work in Real Estate Photography?

• Drones are perfect for making HD video clips and giving the potential buyer a stronger plan concerning the property
• Drones move effortlessly on top of areas which will be troublesome to access otherwise
• A superior aerial video will function a virtual tour – going from the doorway through the various rooms and even the grounds
• Clients are looking for interactive & realistic presentations and because of this fact, aerial videos area unit a beautiful kind of promotion
• Depending on the requirements of a real estate business, Small investment in a drone.
• A drone will assist you to establish your name as an associate innovative land agent who’s willing to embrace new trends and use those to learn purchasers
Today’s buyers are more interested in pictures and video, They don’t want to read about a home’s features, they want to see them. As they say, you only get one chance to make that first impression, and professional photography and drone technology can give you that edge. Drone photography is taking off as a tool for selling and renting homes.

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