Be prepared for your mind to be Blown

Facebook Messenger bots are the new rage now for marketers and a new tool that is going to transform how businesses communicate with their customers in the very near future. Facebook opened their Messenger API to facebook messenger bot developers last summer. Because of this development, engagement with your customers and first level customer support just got a huge boost. Prepare to be mind blown with what we can do already after one year of development.facebook messenger bots

Now businesses can include facebook messenger as a way to engage with their customers like never before. Here is an example. We can put up a facebook post and ask our customers to respond in the comments below with what they like most about the business. Joe responds “calazones”. Joe will then get an automated facebook messenger message that thanks Joe for his feedback and asks Joe more probing questions about the service. We may ask him wht he liked most about it and then if he might want to write a review on google places or yelp. Once Joe responds, he gets a link to write a review and now, he is added to a list of people who like our food and calazones in particular. We may later rebroadcast promos and interactive elements in the future to Joe right through Facebook messenger.. All automated. And if Joe ever thinks we are getting spammy, he can simply unsubscribe by typing “stop”.

Furthermore, we can now create a list of the most asked about topics customer service wise. We can provide pre programmed message chains that assist the customer get the info requested for FAQs, such as hours they are open, to a menu inquiry, to what is the latest event, to inquiring if anyone saw the jacket they left at the place last night.

First level customer service can now be fully automated. No more calling in and getting a 5 option voice selection and waiting for someone on the other end of the phone. Now you can simply facebook message the business page and ask your question. If after a few probing questions from the message bot doesn’t help, then a live person will be alerted to discuss further to assist you.

Engaged Wifi is taking it a step further by integrating Free Wifi with the facebook messenger bots.

These are just a few capabilities coming out from facebook messenger bots. This is certain to be a game changer. If You want to learn how we can help your business stay engaged with your customers, reach out by calling 904-415-6600 or email us at