Over the last few years, Internet use is no longer limited to desktop devices, responsive web design was the standard for designing websites that looked great on any device. Responsive style design provides your web site the flexibleness to beautifully show content, notwithstanding device size. Responsive web design was also Google’s recommended design pattern for mobile SEO.

What Is Mobile Responsive Design?

When a web site is responsive, the layout and/or content responds or adapts supported the dimensions of the screen they’re presented on. A responsive web site mechanically changes to suit the device you’re reading it on.
There are four general screen sizes that responsive style has been aimed at:
1) The Widescreen Desktop Monitor
2) The Smaller Desktop (or laptop)
3) The Tablet and
4) The Mobile Phone.
The responsive style is the best foundation for making next-generation mobile internet expertise with quick. It’s necessary to remain up-to-date with the foremost common screen sizes and resolutions once coming up with internet and mobile sites.

Key features of responsive websites:

• Dynamic content that changes
• Navigation is condensed
• Optimized images
• Correct padding and spacing
• Reliant on mobile operating systems to function

Google has updated the policies and it indicates that the mobile responsiveness has an important impact on the website search rankings; so to avoid penalty your blog must have a mobile view for all devices. To avoid the bad site performance and poor user experience for mobile users, pick up the mobile-friendly website templates.

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